✓ Marketing and Web Marketing Consultant in Italy and Malta

✓ Expert of reference in Italy for Effective Online Presence

✓ Marketing teacher for Italy and Malta based companies

✓ Founder of eSetz Web Agency and EVA Web Agency

✓ 110+ active clients in Italy and Malta with the Web Agencies

✓ 70+ clients for the Marketing Consulting activity in Italy and Malta

✓ 70+ Social Media profiles managed for clients (companies, entrepreneurs, freelancers)

✓ Over 30,000 hours dedicated to Marketing Consulting

“Successful strategies that you will not find anywhere else”
“Expert of reference in Italy and Malta for Effective Online Presence”
“Marketing and Web Marketing Consultant: the best ally for italian and maltese companies”

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I’m the Marketing Consultant who started from Zero, from hunger, from poverty. I moved to Milan with no money in 2011, on a beat-up small car, with a VAT number to work as a Marketing Consultant and a trunk full of groceries bought at a convenience store, which were enough only for the next three months, I started my business of Marketing Consulting for italian companies.
Now, after 30.000 hours of practice on the field and more than 100 past clients, and a full collection of successes and testimonies, I have been called the Marketing Consultant of reference in Italy and Malta when it comes to Effective Online Presence.
My Consulting Marketing activity is mainly based in Sardinia, in which there’s the headquarter of my italian office. From the Cagliari branch, I coordinate a big part of the work I do for my clients overseas. A big part, because as a Marketing Consultant I need to travel a lot and catch many planes to get to my best Marketing clients.
A few years ago I decided to say goodbye to stupid and outdated concepts, such as visibility, creativity and concepts like “any press is good press”, which are common for the most part of the Marketing Consultant in Italy and Malta, becoming soon the most hated Marketing Consultant by other Marketing Consultants, to then create, in 2019, a study path in which I teach to Web Agencies owners and dozens of Marketing Consultants in Italy how to work in a profitable way thanks to the customer satisfation.
Yep, if you haven’t noticed yet, I’m one of the Italian Marketing Consultants who reached the higher number of positive testimonies from real and paying clients. We’re not talking about false profiles or relatives, but real entrepreneurs whom, thanks to my Marketing Consulting or thanks to my Web Agency, have reached their goals.
My ethic approach oriented to results, apparently, gets the better of my flaws: the waiting list to work with me isn’t the shortest, unlike many Marketing Consultants who could start working for you company tomorrow.
In 2017 I started teaching in jail, in the high-security section, explaining Marketing to the inmates who dream about an honest future despite the reluctance of any company who wouldn’t allow them to work as employees, having to rely only on their skills.
In 2018, I published my first book “Presenza Online Efficace”, available in every italian bookshop, with Dario Flaccovio Editore. This was one of the italian Marketing books that sold more copies in Italy, which was also mentioned on a dedicated Millionaire magazine article.
In 2019, I decided to dedicate my second book to those freelancers who, thanks to Marketing, want to become leader in their field: “Protocollo FreeLance”. The book was pulled out of print on the third reprint.
In 2020 I wanted to please also the client of my Marketing Consulting agencies in London (Setzu&Massa LTD) and in Malta ((E.V.A. Business & Branding LTD), launching my third book: “Marketing Strategy for Beginners”, the first one entirely written in English.
In 2020, in collaboration with Radio Internazionale, I created my Podcast, 8 Weeks Marketing, which became one of the most listened female lead Business Podcast.

“We met by chance, and it was one of the best chances that could happen to a company. The right mee-ting at the right time. Entrepreneur, student and consultant, this is part of who Elena is. Her work is punc-tual and flawless, with the right solutions and realistic goals. We entrusted our company and our world in the right hands. We‘ve really enjoyed your work. A special thanks from the staff of Giollerie Claudia, especially from Claudia, Veronica, Giacomo and Giorgio.”

Veronica Stagno, Gioiellerie Claudia

“I started seeing some results after 3 months from the beginning of my new marketing strategy, from the start of the editorial plan and the launch of my new website (created by me, under Elena’s supervision), I received my First quote requests.

“Would you recommend eSetz to another entrepreneur?”

“No, or at least not to any entrepreneur. Turning to Elena is perfect for whoever wants to really understand What a real Effective Presence is. Elena is not for everyone, but only for the ones Who are prepared for a partial or complete rebuilding of their marketing. Don’t think about the cost, only about the value”

Francesco Meloni, Francesco Meloni Photographer

“I’m very happy of your work. I’m talking about you with some friends who wanted your help once they saw the results  We achieved. I trusted my instinct from the very beginning, let’s say I have a good instinct and you are very good. Thank you, Elena”

Marco Loi, Allegri Girarrosti

“I’ll start by apologizing because I haven’t contacted you yet, but time flies, especially since you published my website. I have more and more work every day. I’m glad I trusted your agency with my website. Thank you again, we will soon work together again!”

Adriana Cecchini, Lasergraf

“Thank you, you’re always extremely attentive with your clients! 10+. I couldn’t ask for anything better. You make my dreams come true.”

Daniela Degioannis, Saperdabianca

We contacted Elena’s eSetz and we soon realized we made the right choice. She was able to help us with our problems and we’re very happy with the work we’ve done with her, we will keep working together to improve our company

Massimo Cirulli, Daniele Benzi, Food's school

The consulence was adequate, the product was excellent and the assistance continuous. Amazing!

Oreste Tuveri, Mercato San Benedetto

Professional and competent! They’re incredibly good. The agency was able to help us with great results!

Stefano Pisano, Pisano Arredamenti

You’re one of the few people in the world that I trust when it comes to business and, most important, you’re one of the few people in the world that can turn upside-down my beliefs. You’re able to make me see the product under a different angle. It is fundamental to me to know what you think before starting…

Martina Conti, Autotrasporti Conti

I’m the owner of Libreria Cocco and La Zattera, and soon we will have Top Player as well, and since it is a  publishing house for the best authors, the only thing I could do was to rely to the very best for my marketing strategy. It’s like she gave me a Ferrari with a full tank. Thank you

Alessandro Cocco, Libreria Cocco

The best you can find. They are in charge of the Online Presence of my restaurant and they’re amazing in what they do. They could stop there, but they’re incredibly helpful and they know everything when it comes to business strategy and creation of content. They’re crazy good!

Matteo Achenza, MangioGiusto

Thank you, you’re helping me understand some things that weren’t very clear to me. I felt like I had a puzzle with many empty areas. And now you’re helping me put the missing pieces in the right places and understand everything. You also made me realize that I take too many thing for granted regarding my website.”

Maria Paola Tintis, Stationery Wedding

I’m one of the owner of the mattress factory and retail chain “Il Ghiro” in Bonorva (Sassari, Sardinia). Our company is 50 years old and has 30 employees. I met Elena by chance and I read her book. Now we work together, because she is an Online Marketing professional. I Ike the way she thinks and I agree with her on things like the positioning of the modern company

Giaime Pietri, Il Ghiro

Amazing quality contents. Concise, surgical, never long-winded

Erika Sussarellu, Iriis Wedding